MHB Research Convention 2016 Call for Proposal



Mother Tongue, Heritage Language, and Bilingual Education (MHB)  Research Association

Call for Proposal for the MHB Research Convention 2016


The schedule of MHB Research Convention 2016 has been decided. You are kindly requested to add the Convention attendance to your personal schedule in 2016 ( PDF leaflet is availabe here).

We welcome presenters for paper and poster presentation as well as demonstration at the Convention. Please find the application guide below.

April 21, 2016


Time and date: Monday afternoon, August 8 and whole day of Tuesday, August 9, 2016 

Venue: Ochanomizu University (Otsuka 2-1-1, Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo 112-0012)

* For campus map,

(The reception will be at the 1st floor of Faculty of Letters & Education, Building 1 near the south gate. The south gate is open from 7:00 to 21:00.)

Theme: The Heritage Language Education and Super-diversity

The objective matter of the MHB Research Convention 2016 will be the heritage language education and super-diversity. The super-diversity means a situation where not the previously used category of ethnic groups but complicated factors such as personal wills and social requirements are involved to understand the rapid diversification in human movement. Teachers and schools for heritage language education are required to deal with this phenomenon worldwide. 


Monday, August 8, 2016

[ 12:00- 17:00 ] (tentative):

  • Keynote speech 1 “Overview of the Heritage Language Education and its Agenda for the Future”(tentative title by Prof. Kazuko Nakajima  
  • Concurrent sessions (paper read, poster sessions, and demonstration)

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

[ 9:00-12:00 ] (tentative)

  • Keynote speech 2 “Addressing super-diversity: Identifying various needs of our heritage language learners” (tentative title) by Prof. Mitsuyo Sakamoto
  • Practice report “The heritage Japanese language education corresponding to the diversity” (tentative title) by Ms. Tomoko Nakano
  • Life story “Talk by the heritage language speakers” (tentative title) (Candidate presenter is under negotiation) 

[ 13:00-17:00 ] (tentative):

  •  Concurrent sessions (paper read, poster sessions, and demonstration)

* The Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings will be set on Monday, August 8 or Tuesday, August 9.

* The details will be informed around middle of June after determining the program according to number of presentation.

* The presentation of “Longitudinal Study on Multi-lingual Ability of Foreign Children and Students” (the Grant-in Aid for Scientific Research (B), 2012 ~ 2016, lead by Prof. Junko Majima, title number 24320094), is organized at the same venue in the morning of Monday, August 8th, 2016.

[Application guide for proposals]

I. Subject: Unpublished paper relating to the MHB research area

II. Languages for the presentation:

Japanese and English (however, words of other languages may be used to show examples etc.)

III. Deadline: 12:00 noon, Sunday, May 31, 2016, (Tokyo time: UTC+9)

IV. Submit to: Executive Committee for 2016 MHB Research Convention, e-mail : 2016mhb AT

*Please note that "AT" in the email address above is a substitute for symbol "@" to avoid scam emails coming through from the link on the website. When you are sending us emails, use "@" without spaces before and after the symbol. 

V. Requirements for applicants:

The presenters, including co-presenters must be members of MHB. Nonmembers is required to submit a membership prior to submitting a proposal through the procedures shown in the *A member shall not be the first presenter for 2 or more proposals. *All co-acting presenters are required to attend the Convention.

VI. Presentation details:

1. Time

Paper read: 20 minutes, questions and answers  10 minutes

Poster session and demonstration: 60 minutes

2. Procedures

Paper read: During initial 20 minutes, the presenter will present the paper to the audiences in a unilateral way, and then, questions and answers session for 10 minutes. Personal computers and other instruments may be used as needed.

Poster session: 60 minutes for questions and answers session between the presenter and audiences by using a poster. Sizes of the poster should be A0 (84cm x 119cm) or equivalent. Only one poster can be used. If materials other than a poster are to be used, inform the secretariat to be approved.

Demonstration: Results of development and practice of learning materials and teaching methods will be demonstrated using personal computer and/or the real things, letting the audiences actually touch the materials and join discussion and questions and answers session. Personal computer and posters may be used.

VII. Submission details

1.Send us the applicant’s personal information attaching to the E-mail.

2.Send us the title of the paper and its summary attaching to E-mail following the instruction below.

VIII. Points to judge adoption

For the Paper read

  • ​​ Is the theme appropriate for the MHB Research Association?
  • Dose the research contribute to improvement of practice and research on the Mother Tongue, Heritage Language, and Bilingual Education?
  • Are the motive of research, integration of previous researches and their systematization, the research theme and research methods clearly stated? Are the conclusion and consideration included?
  • Are the research contents unique, creative and meaningful compared with the previous researches?

For the poster and the demonstration:

  • Is the theme appropriate for the MHB Research Association?
  • Are the presentation contents unique, creative and meaningful compared with the previous researches?

IX. Notification of acceptance:

– To decide the proposals, referee reading will be done by several referees without informing them the applicants’ names. Results of the judgment will be informed by E-mail before Thursday, June 23.

– If applicants required revision to the summary of the paper, revised manuscripts shall be submitted by Wednesday, July 13.

Executive Committee on the MHB Research Convention 2016