Announcement and Call for Proposals for the 2020 MHB Research ONLINE Conference

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CALL for Proposals

The 2020 ONLINE Conference of the Japanese Society

for Mother Tongue, Heritage Language,

and Bilingual Education(MHB).

8-9 August 2020


The 2020 conference of the Japanese Society for Mother Tongue, Heritage Language, and Bilingual Education (MHB) will be held entirely ONLINE this year. The aim of MHB is to explore language education methods, theories, and research methods related to how infants, children, students, and other learners in multilingual environments in Japan and abroad can acquire multilingual skills including those of reading and writing. With the theme of “Language assessment and education for culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) children”, the 2020 conference includes a keynote lecture, workshops, and research presentations. Due to the  COVID-19 pandemic, all programs will be ONLINE. We hope this will facilitate the participation of members and prospective members from inside and outside of Japan.
Please see below for further details. We are looking forward to your participation in this conference.

2020 MHB Conference Organizing Committee

1. Conference Summary
2. Program
3. Participation Fees Payment Methods
4. Guidelines for Registration
5. Call for Proposals

Submission Deadline:
Sunday, 31 May 2020 at 23:59
(Japan Standard Time: UTC+9)

1. Conference Summary (Updated on 11 May 2020)
Dates: Saturday, 8 August 2020 – Sunday, 9 August 2020
Venue: Joetsu University of Education Campus (Yamayashiki-machi, Joetsu-shi Niigata-ken 943-8512)
* Access Map:
* Campus Map:

->All the conference will be Online.

Theme: “Language assessment and education for culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) children”

Abstracts of Pre-conference Program, Keynote Speech, Panel and Workshop

2. Program (to be updated in July)

Saturday, 8 August 2020

10:00-12:00 Pre-conference Program:
Workshop on the Dialogic Language Assessment for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Children (DLA)

Chiho Sakurai (Hiroshima University)
Rie Suganaga (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies) 

12:30 Registration Desk Open
13:00 Opening Remarks
13:10 Keynote Speech “The Development of Literacy in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) Children"

Noboru Takahashi (Osaka Kyoiku University)

14:40 Recess
15:20 Poster Presentations
16:40 Special Interest Group (SIG) Activities:
          1. Japanese as a Heritage Language SIG
          2. International Schools SIG and Diverse and Foreign Language Education SIG
           3. Assessment SIG
         ※Non-SIG members are welcome to participate in SIG meetings.
18:10 Closing

Sunday, 9 August 2020
8:30 Registration Desk Open
9:10 Oral Presentations
10:30-12:30 Panel and Workshop
(1) Panel:
Acting to Guarantee Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Children’s Right to Receive Education

Chair: Namiko Utsuki (Teikyo University)

Presentation 1: The challenges of schools in ensuring the educational rights of culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) children: The case of Joetsu City, Niigata

Mizuho Hara (Joetsu University of Education)
Hirofumi Nakano (Joetsu City Board of Education)
Mutsuko Sato (Joetsu International Network)

Presentation 2: Empowering CLDs’ identity through contact with teachers who speak their first languages: The case Hadano City, Kanagawa

Sachie Miyazaki (Sophia University Junior College Division)

Presentation 3: The practice of multicultural coexistence in public elementary school: The process of collaboration between Japanese teachers and non-Japanese teachers

Kohei Nagata (Sunago elementary school, Kadoma City)
Huixin Tian (Sunago elementary school, Kadoma City)

(2) Workshop: 
Research Methods: Introduction to the Method of Qualitative Research with SCAT

Naoki Yamazaki (Kansai University)
Ikumi Ozawa (International Christian University)
Aiko Sano (Ritsumeikan University)
Emiko Yukawa (Ritsumeikan University)
Yuki Matsuo (Ritsumeikan Middle School and High School)

12:30 Lunch
13:30 General Meeting
14:00 Oral Presentations
15:30 Closing of the Conference (Time may vary depending on the number of oral presentations)

※ Information on Sign Language Interpretation:
If you require sign language interpretation, please inform us at the time of online pre-registration. Although we are unable to provide a sign language interpreter for every presentation, we will provide UD Talk for presentations you wish to participate in.

3. Participation Fees Payment Methods

In order to register, please use the following PEATIX website:
Peatix manual

4. Guidelines for Registration

In order to prepare documents for the conference and SIG meetings we do ask that as much as possible applicants register in advance. Of course, on-site registration is available.

※ Types of participation
     1) a. On-site participation OR b. Online participation
     2) a. Conference + Pre-conference Program
         b. Conference only
         c. Pre-conference Program only

※Conference fees for online and on-site participation are the same.
※The MHB research association accepts new members interested in its research aims at any time. If you wish to participate in the 2020 conference as a member, please become a member by paying
membership dues through the following link before you register for the conference:
※ We have a room available for participants with children. For more information, please feel free to contact the committee.
※ If it becomes impossible to use the venue due to the corona virus pandemic, all the programs will be online.

※ If you need to change the type of participation after registration, please contact the committee.
※ We will send you information about online access to the conference and strive to provide the best service. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that there will be no disruptions related to internet connection problems.
※ Advanced registrations will be closed when participation capacity becomes full.

(1)Conference fees
<Advance Registration 2020/4/6〜2020/7/31>
※The strict deadline for advance registration is 31 July 2020 at 23:59 (Japan Standard Time: UTC +9).
      General member / Student member  2000yen
      Associate member / Non-member    3000yen
      Pre-conference program DLA workshop ONLY 1000yen
※ Participation in the conference includes participation in the pre-conference program at no additional charge. Please press “Add Pre-conference program (free)” on the screen. Please note that you must register for the pre-program in PEATIX if you are planning to participate in it.
※ PEATIX accepts payments by credit card, Paypal, bank transfer, and convenience store ATM.
※ You will receive a message from PEATIX after your payment is processed and the message will be your receipt of payment. If you need a paper receipt from MHB, please contact the Conference Organizing Committee.
※Once paid, we regretfully cannot refund any payment.

<On-site registration>
     General member / Student member 3000yen
     Associate member / Non-member 4000yen

->NO on-site registration is available this year.

5. Call for Proposals
This is a call for proposals for oral presentations and poster presentations. Please read the application requirements and submit your proposal.

【Application Requirements】
1.Content of proposals:
  *Unpublished content related to the field of the MHB research society
  *For the aims and target area of the MHB research society, please follow this link:

2.Languages for the presentations:
  Japanese; English; Japanese Sign Language. (However, for the purpose of giving examples, words from other languages may be included. If you plan to present your paper in Japanese sign language, please contact the 2020 MHB Conference Organizing Committee at

     Sunday, 31 May 2020 at 23:59 (Japan Standard Time: UTC+9)

4.Where to Submit:

5.Requirements for applicants:
     Applications are limited to MHB members. This applies not only to main presenters but also to co-presenters as well. Please refer to the following link on details of how to apply for membership:
※One MHB member cannot be the main presenter for more than one presentation.
※All co-presenters are required to attend the convention.
※It is not possible to choose the day of your oral presentation, poster presentation or demonstration.

6.Presentation categories:
     1. Oral Presentation (research presentation / practice report)
     2. Online oral Presentation (research presentation / practice report)
     3. Online poster Presentation (research presentation / practice report)
  If we need to cancel all the on-site programs due to the circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic, oral presentations and poster presentations will be changed into online presentations.

7.Presentation format:
(1) Time
■Oral presentations should be 20 minutes long with 10 minutes for questions and answers (total: 30 minutes). Poster presentations should be 60 minutes long.
(2) Format
Oral Presentations: The first twenty minutes should be unilateral – from the presenter to the listener. Following this, there should be ten minutes for questions from the audience. The audience can participate either on-site or online.
■Online Oral Presentations: The first twenty minutes should be unilateral – from the presenter to the listener by Zoom. Following this, there should be ten minutes for questions from the audience. The audience can participate either by viewing the screen on-site or online.
■Poster Presentation:Presenters should answer questions from the audience on-site about the content of the poster. (Poster size is A0 size <84 cm × 119 cm> or within one sheet with a size similar to that). If you wish to display teaching materials other than posters, please confirm with the conference committee beforehand.

-> Presenters should submit the PDF poster to the conference organizing committee beforehand. Posters will be uploaded to the cloud for viewing by participants in advance. Participants can go to the room of the presentation they want to hear after viewing the poster. Presenters will present their posters through the Zoom screen sharing function and will be able to ask and answer questions as well as exchange opinions with the participants online.

8.Application procedure
(1) Please send your personal information as an attachment to the e-mail.
※Please download and use the “Applicants Personal Information” form.
(2) Please send the title of the proposal as well as a summary as an e-mail attachment in accordance with the following instructions:
※All submissions, regardless of category, should be B5 size (182mm x 257mm), with 37 characters and 31 lines over 2 pages. Please download the “Template and Guidelines for manuscript preparation.”
※ You can download “Applicants Personal Information” form to submit and “Template and Guidelines for manuscript preparation” at the time of application from here.
• Applicants Personal Information form [pdf] [word]
• Template and Guidelines

9.Points on which proposals will be judged
■Oral Presentations
1) Is the theme appropriate for the MHB research association?
2) Does the research contribute to the improvement of practice and research on the Mother Tongue, Heritage Language and Bilingual Education?
3) In the case of research presentations, are the research motives, a summary of previous research and a research position stated? In the case of practice reports, is the significance of the research practice specified along with the research subject and research method? Have the results and considerations been included?
4) Are the presentation contents unique, creative, and meaningful compared with previous research?
■Poster Presentations
1) Is the theme appropriate for the MHB research association?
2) Compared to existing research, teaching practice and teaching materials, is it distinctive, original and meaningful?

10.Notification of Acceptance
Readings of proposals will be carried out by several referees without knowledge of the applicants’ names. Applicants will be notified of the results by Sunday, 21 June 2020. Those who have been asked to revise their application summary will be required to submit a revised manuscript by Monday, 6 July 2020.
                                                      2020 MHB Conference Organizing Committee






2020年5月11日 改定

 母語・継承語・バイリンガル教育(MHB)学会は, 国内外の複数言語環境にある幼児・児童・生徒・およびその他の学習者が読み書きも含むマルチリンガル能力を身につけられる言語教育の方法、理論、研究方法を探ることを目的として, 多様な領域の研究者, 教育実践者が交流し, 情報交換や発信などの活動を行っています。





MHB学会 2020年度大会実行委員







テーマ: 文化的言語的に多様な子ども(CLD児)の言語能力評価と教育




10:00 – 12:00 大会プレ企画「対話型アセスメント DLA実践ワークショップ」    


13:00        開会

13:10 – 14:40  基調講演「多様な背景をもつ子どもの読み書き能力の発達」            

             高橋 登(大阪教育大学)   

14:40 – 15:00  休憩

15:20 – 16:20  ポスター発表

16:40 – 18:10  部会(SIG)活動(※部会メンバー以外の方もご参加いただけます)

      1. 海外継承日本語部会

      2. インターナショナル・スクール部会、各種言語教育部会合同

      3. アセスメント部会


8:30       受付開始

9:10 – 10:20   口頭発表

10:30 – 12:30  大会企画パネル ・ ワークショップ

(1) 大会企画パネル 












(2) ワークショップ 「リサーチメソッド-質的研究入門とSCAT実習-」             

山崎直樹(関西大学),小澤伊久美(国際基督教大学), 佐野愛子(立命館大学),

湯川笑子(立命館大学),  松尾由紀(立命館中学校・高等学校)

12:30     昼食休憩

13:30     総会

14:00 –15:30 口頭発表

15:30     閉会(発表数によっては閉会時間を変更する場合があります)








a. MHB2020大会+プレ企画,b. 本大会のみ,c.プレ企画のみ,に分かれています。


(新たに入会を希望される方は「入会案内」 からお申し込みください。)





  MHB2020大会参加費: 一般会員,学生会員  :2,000 円

                  準会員,非会員   :3,000 円

 プレ企画(DLAワークショップ)のみの参加費 :1,000 円








  準会員,非会員   :4,000円




  ※MHB学会の目的や対象領域は学会会則 を参照のこと。



3.締切日:2020年 5月31日(日)23:59(東京時間: UTC+9) 必着



  学会員登録の方法については の説明をご参照ください。



 (1) 会場での口頭発表(研究発表・実践報告)

  (2) オンライン口頭発表(研究発表・実践報告)

 (3) 会場でのオンラインポスター発表(研究発表・実践報告)


 (1) 時間 口頭発表:発表20分+質疑応答10分,計30分


 (2) 形式


・ポスター発表:ポスターを用いて,聴き手との質疑応答や意見交換を行う。(ポス ターサイズはA0判 <84cm×119cm>またはそれに準ずるサイズで1枚以内)。ポスター以外に教材等の展示を希望する場合は,事前に大会実行委員への確認が必要。聴衆は現地会場での参加。

→ 1枚のPDFにしたポスターを事前に大会実行委員に提出し, 当日参加者が閲覧できるように実行委員がクラウド上にアップします。参加者はそのポスターを閲覧した上で, 聞きたい発表の部屋に行きます。発表者はZOOM画面共有機能によってその1枚のポスターを提示しつつ,双方向で参加者と質疑応答や意見交換を行います。


(1) 応募者の個人情報は,メールの添付書類としてお送りください。 


(2) 発表題目とその概要は以下の指示に従い,メールの添付書類としてお送りください。

※応募原稿は,カテゴリーを問わず,すべてB5サイズ(182mm x 257mm)に37字×31行,2ページで作成するものとします。「原稿作成ガイド」をダウンロードしてご利用ください。

「応募者情報フォーム [pdf] [word]」




(1) テーマがMHB学会にふさわしいか

(2) 研究・実践課題が母語・継承語・バイリンガル教育の実践と研究の向上に貢献するものかどうか

(3) 研究発表の場合には,研究動機,先行研究のまとめと研究の位置づけが,実践報告の場合には、その実践の意義が,それぞれ研究課題,研究方法とともに明記されていて,結果と考察が含まれているかどうか

(4) 先行研究等と比較して,発表内容に特色,独創性,意義が認められるかどうか


 (1) テーマがMHB学会にふさわしいか

 (2) これまでの研究・実践・教材等と比較して,研究内容に特色,独創性,意義が認められるか



結果は, 6月21日(日)までにメールにて通知致します。


お問い合わせ:MHB学会 2020年度大会実行委員

『母語・継承語・バイリンガル教育(MHB)研究』第17号 投稿募集




内容:MHB学会の対象領域(学会会則 参照)に関するオリジナルな研究。原稿は未発表のものに限ります。


送付先/問い合わせ先:MHB学会理事(紀要編集) 佐野愛子
      Eメールアドレス:mhb17.editorial.board AT 
​       メール件名に「MHB17号投稿原稿」とお書きください。





住所:〒943-8512 新潟県上越市山屋敷町1番地